About Us

The El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development (the Collaborative) is a Texas not-for-profit organization that has served El Paso and the surrounding area since 1996. 

In addition to its non-profit status, the Collaborative is a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution, i.e. a “community lender”. Community Development Financial Institutions were established to provide access to capital to underserved populations. The Collaborative offers a wide variety of loans, programs and services.


The mission of the El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development is to facilitate affordable housing, small business and economic development in El Paso and contiguous counties. The Collaborative serves the geographic, racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of its service area. It seeks partners with similar values and values them in turn by involving them in design of its programs and services. The Collaborative implements its mission by providing loan products and development services and assistance to homeowners and potential homebuyers.


We envision a community where all residents have equal access to adequate housing, education, health care and the opportunity to support themselves and their families.


Local planning efforts to establish a resource collaborative as a local intermediary were initiated in 1994 by the El Paso Community Foundation, through its long-standing partnership with the Ford Foundation. By October 1995, these efforts resulted in the El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development (the Collaborative): a partnership among local foundations, financial institutions, utility companies, private corporations, governmental institutions, local businesses and community-based organizations. This collaborative effort resulted from the uniform acceptance of the critical need for investment in the community social and economic needs of El Paso’s neighborhoods. The El Paso Collaborative initial’s mission was to build the capacity of local community development corporations (CDCs) by providing core operating support and technical assistance.

Dwindling resources for this activity led to the Collaborative’s redefining its role to that of administrator of wealth-creation programs that benefit low- and moderate-income households. In late 2003, the Collaborative’s Board of Directors revised the organization’s mission statement.