Community Loan Program - Loans Available

The El Paso Collaborative’s Community Loan Fund was established in 2000 to meet the need for affordable loans in an around El Paso, Texas. Certified by the U.S. Treasury Bureau in 2001 as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), the Collaborative offers a wide array of loan products for non-profit organizations, small businesses and affordable housing developers.


Micro and Small Business Loans

Minor Home Improvement & Infrastructure Loans

Real Estate Loans for Affordable Housing

Community Facilties and Bridge Loans for Nonprofit Organizations

Small Dollar Consumer Loans-Employer based program that will offer employers the opportunity to have their employee's access affordable consumer loans.  The program will be offered at no cost to the employer.  Our current partners are YWCA, RMPersonnel and Project Amistad.   

You may download an application or for more information, please contact Teresa Craig at 915-533-7057 Ext: 222

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