El Paso Collaborative Critical Repair Program

With support from the Wells Fargo Foundation in 2017, El Paso Collaborative assisted 11 Low to Moderate-Income Homeowners with mini-grants of $1,350.00 to repair critical/unsafe items. 

These grants were made possible to assist with roof repairs, HVAC, plumbing, electrical issues and or septic tank installation in the county areas of El Paso, Texas. 

As of July 2018, this program has now completed. Once funding is made available we will announce availability. 


Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalez participated in the Critical Repair Program, the assistance they received provided a one-time grant to cover the cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement at their home. 

The Gonzalez Family expressed their gratitude to everyone involved with the repairs and work  that were done to their home in July of 2018.

Gonzalez Family