Neighborhood Stabilization Program

NSP Goals

The El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development (EPC) received a total of $10.2 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds to help stabilize El Paso neighborhoods impacted by the foreclosure crisis. The project has several goals: 1) to assist qualified households purchase a home that was foreclosed and/or abandoned, 2) to assist households,who are interested in purchasing a home, find an affordable, good-quality home to rent, and 3) to assist households, who are interested in purchasing a home, work collaboratively with Habitat for Humanity in assisting rehabilitating their own home with their own sweat equity. These goals will be accomplished by the acquisition, rehabilitation (or building), sale, and return to productive use a minimum of 125 single-family homes in 22 eligible census tracts, located inside and outside the city limits of El Paso.

The selected families for this project are those with incomes ranging from 50% to 120% of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI) average.